Organic products fion in Martirano Lombardo - Calabria

Mother Nature Powers Our Partnership

Who We Are

fion springs from our love of nature, our desire to return to our roots and from our desire to restore fallow land to its true value


Tradition, Farming Culture and Local Ingredients

Tomato sauce

Grown on farmlands in Santa Croce, our sun-ripe and flavourful tomatoes become delicious sauce.


Tasty and sweet, blended according to a classic Calabrian recipe, our Limoncello is produced, of course, with a zero-mile mentality and a negligible carbon footprint.

Olive Oil

All of our extra-virgin olive oil is pressed only from olive trees growing on our lands in Santa Croce. We use no additives, no pesticides or chemical fertilisers.

Olive Ammaccate

Hand-picked and sorted, our olives are put through a series of water baths to remove all bitter ingredients. Then they are mixed with spices (fennel, oregano, garlic, salt and hot chillies), filled into jars and covered with seed oil to preserve the their robust flavour.