Our Philosophy

fion trusts in the wisdom of Mother Nature and her seasonal cycles. fion adheres strictly to the local farming traditions and recipes. fion relies mostly on her own hands, employing machines only where absolutely necessary in order to sustain the fertile properties and richness of the soil and avoid a significant transportation footprint. Santa Croce is located at 550 m above the sea line, wedged between the northern mountain range Sila and abutting the Tyrrhenian Sea, with the Aeolian Islands not far off the coast. The sea winds hit the mountains continually, thus making all grown produce grow better. The flavours of our fruits and vegetables are thereby distinctively intensified. After some years of trial and error, fion is now able to bring its products to the market.fion abides by a back-to-nature philosophy, striving to preserve the vitality of the lands to keep them well and healthy for the next generation. “It is our special wish and will to conserve this particular Calabrian landscape, save its heritage, traditions and unique (agri-) cultural characteristics so that anybody coming here will once again be able to feel lost in and to time.” (Fiona Trauttmansdorff)

In fion’s eyes, man and society, for the benefit of nature and environment are best helped by taking responsibility for one’s deeds and being aware, mindful and respectful towards all life in the present as in the future. To fion, sustainability is not a mere slogan, but a way of life and a mission when managing the soil, creating value through its products and nurturing age old traditions.

fion celebrates naturalness, good artisanship and authenticity. Reviving the rich cultural heritage of her new Calabrian homeland means to Fiona not only giving something back, but also conserving the beautiful landscapes and traditional farming values that exist here. Most of all, Fiona wishes to return meaning to a once deserted place and make it alive again!