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Salsa di Pomodoro fion - Martirano Lombardo Calabria
Tomato Sauce
19 October 2018
19 October 2018

Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Our olive tree groves are situated on our farm at the slopes of the Monte Mancuso in Santa Croce.


The trees are either of the Carolea, Leccino or Tondo della Calabria type. We do not expose our trees to chemical fertilisers, since they and Mother Nature know best what is good for them – and we trust in Mother Nature to know best. Our only aid consists in providing the trees with a bit of lime and blue vitriol after the harvest. This helps the trees to withstand the winter and it boosts their immune system, so that they recover their growth and strength well in springtime. The winds flowing from the Tyrrhenian sea up to the Sila mountains and back function as a natural insecticide, fungicide and moisturiser. This timelessly natural process is responsible for our olive oil’s distinctive taste. The olives are harvested between October and December. Ideally the olives are picked when their green colour is just turning to black, because then they are tastiest and carry the most oil and the least water content.

Olive oil is all about the process and the processing when pressing the fruit! We harvest the olives in the traditional local manner by beating the trees with bamboo rods. The olives are then immediately collected, sorted and taken to a certified organic oil mill within 36 hours to be pressed unrefined. This procedure guarantees the natural and gentle processing for our home-grown olives.