The difference is in the Flavor

Olio di Oliva fion - Martirano Lombardo Calabria
Extra Virgin Olive Oil
19 October 2018
Olive Ammaccate fion - Martirano Lombardo Calabria
Olive Ammaccate
22 August 2019


Our Limoncello liqueur is made of 100% homegrown Calabrian lemons.


For our Limoncello, we personally pick and choose the organically grown lemons, which have been nurtured by the soils of Santa Croce and kissed by the Calabrian sun. Our Limoncello ingredients are the peels of ripe aromatic lemons, alcohol, sugar and mountain spring water. The proof in the pudding is in the eating! Our Limoncello enhances many a dish: Desserts grow more palatable with a drop of Limoncello added. And added to Vodka, it revives the spirits.