The difference is in the Flavor

Olio di Oliva fion - Martirano Lombardo Calabria
Extra Virgin Olive Oil
19 October 2018

Tomato Sauce

We grow our organic San Marzano tomatoes on our farm in Santa Croce without using any chemical fertiliser.


The Tyrrhenian sea breeze rising up the Sila mountains uniquely seasons our tomatoes. fion tomato sauce is based on local recipes, handed down through the generations.

We insist on producing our tomato sauce locally, to insure a zero-mile mentality and a negligible carbon footprint. There are untold ways of enjoying our pureed tomatoes. Here in Calabria, the most common way to enjoy the tomato sauce is with spaghetti after letting it simmer in a pan for 20 minutes just with some olive oil and little salt. The sauce can also be eaten on warm bread topped with some olive oil. Warm or cold, it is always delicious, and – not to forget – can also be used to make a tasty tomato soup or gazpacho. As well, after long hours or a night of dancing, our puree makes a wonderful ingredient for a deserved Bloody Mary cocktail, either as aperitif or as after-dinner drink.

We happily invite you to send in your ideas and recipes of how to use our pureed tomatoes.