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Who We Are

fion springs from our love of nature, our desire to return to the roots and from our desire to restore fallow land to its true value. Our farm is situated in the Savuto Valley in Calabria at an altitude of 550 metres. Our land is managed without chemical pesticides or chemical fertilisers, as required by local traditions and organic guidelines. We plant and grow all year round.

Throughout the year, we harvest green beans, fava beans, peas, tomatoes, zucchinis, eggplants, salad, corn, peppers, fennel, broccoli, pumpkins and a lot more. We also grow and gather our chestnuts, almonds, apples, pears and plums and, on demand, we sell them at the farm gate. All our farm products that are not consumed immediately, are preserved so that we enjoy them all year round.

Our farm is a home to donkeys, ponies, pigs and Vietnamese pot bellied pigs, cocks and hens, ducks and geese, birds, dogs and cats. We do not forget them and consequently all farming produce is shared among all of the creatures who live at the farm. Our animals are well accustomed to people and love their attentions.

On our land, we have rediscovered many an old olive tree. We freed them from prier and also planted new olive trees, mainly Carolea, Tondo and Leccino. These sorts grow well to our soils and bring forth our distinctively tasting oil. We also grow San Marzano tomatoes, which we make into a special tomato sauce using an old Calabrian traditional recipe.

We gladly welcome all visitors. Please let us introduce you to the pleasures of our working farm. Prepare to be transported into a rich bucolic past with all modern conveniences.